Chart Review Tool Powered by NLP

What is CHANL?

The Chart Review Tool Powered by NLP (CHANL) is designed to facilitate chart review of narrative text notes from the electronic medical records (EMR). It can be used to perform intelligent searches not only for multiple keywords simultaneously but can automatically identify other terms and concepts related to the keyword in the notes. The interface highlights identified information in the notes, allowing users to easily locate the information needed. Current users have found this to significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of chart reviews. This tool was developed by Dr. Tianrun Cai, part of the VERITY Bioinformatics Resource Core team.

User Interface

Sample screenshot of CHANL interface:


To use CHANL, you must

  • Have an active/current IRB protocol (if applicable)
  • Have access to the location of the notes
    • Local or network drive
    • Database
      • For a database within Partners:
        • Please ask data provider to grant access to the reviewers
        • Send properties of the access to the reviewers including:
          • access type
          • server name
          • key for decryption of notes (if notes are encrypted)
          • user name and password for user with SQL authentication
      • For users outside of Partners, we will need to determine whether the tool can be used on a case by case basis

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